• Legal High

    This drug is legal in the United States, and does not fall into the category of banned bath salts.

  • Synthetic Cocaine Alternative

    Euphoric & stimulating - provides a strong euphoria, and stimulating rush which last about three hours.

  • Affordable

    At $40 a gram, and with each gram containing 5-20 portions, this won't break the bank.

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The world's first legal cocaine alternative

This party powder has been in development since early 2010, designed to mimic the effects, appearance, and taste of cocaine. Everything from the timing to the drip has been meticulously synthesized for accuracy.

Safe and clean, ships in the USA

This is not a bath-salt type compound, where chemists create compounds to beat the game of getting banned by the DEA & FDA to push new low quality products. Packaging and testing occurs here, in the United States of America.

Passes all drug tests

Because this compound is not based on a synthetic methamphetamine or cannabis, no metabolites or the active compound will show in any drug test. Guaranteed.

Direct from the manufacturer

By ordering white trance through us, you can be assured that your product is the original, un-cut, unadulterated synthetic cocaine alternative.

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